Relax Kids Themes 2022-2023


Autumn 1:

  • Dinosaur theme
    • Exploring emotions – hugasaurus, calmasaurus, stompasaurus and worrysaurus
  • Mini Autumn theme
    • ‘Archie’s bag of treasures’ – mindfulness and gratitude
    • ‘Little Boo’ – scared feelings


Autumn 2:

  • Celebrations theme
  • ‘Room on the Broom’ theme
  • ‘Little Glow’
  • ‘Firework Poetry’
  • Mini kindness theme
    • ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’
    • ‘Kind’
  • Christmas theme
    • ‘Elf esteem adventures’ – building our self-esteem and confidence


Spring 1:

  • Julia Donaldson theme
    • ‘Paper dolls’ – links to hippocampus and memory & making paper doll crafts
    • ‘Squash & a squeeze’ – gratitude
    • ‘Tiddler’ – link to observing our emotions like colourful fish swimming by
    • ‘Smartest giant in town’ – kindness & gratitude

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