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Facebook Page

02nd March 2020

You may have noticed that we have a new Facebook Page for the school here

This is purely to be used as a marketing and information tool. We don't allow any posts except for information posts from the school, but you are very welcome to join the page to keep up to date with the school activities and see any photos of what we have been doing. Please also leave your review of the school as due to this being used as a marketing tool we are hoping to share the love for our school far and wide!

I will send a slip out regarding consent for photos but if you have any thoughts on this please come and see Miss Robey as we are aware this is a very complex subject! If possible we will aim to share photos with you and get direct consent before posting, and there will not be any photos posted until we have sent and received the consent slips! There is a possibility of it just being an information page with no photographs if its too complex. Please let me know your thoughts!

Please also feel free to share/ invite people to the page especially anyone I may have missed!