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Day 1 of #12daysofonlinesafety

Introducing… the #12DaysofOnlineSafety!
With Christmas right around the corner, lots of children will soon be receiving new phones, tablets, computers, games consoles and more. It’s important to make sure they’re being used safely.
We’ll be unwrapping an essential online safety tip every day to help keep you and your loved ones secure in the digital wonderland. We’ve got advice on setting up new devices, understanding the benefits of parental controls and having open conversations with your children about the virtual world.
On the 1st day of Christmas, we’re looking at the importance of #CriticalThinking!

Day 2 of #12daysofonlinesafety

On the 2nd day of Christmas, let’s empower young minds to reflect on their #DigitalFootprint!
Something that only takes seconds to post could take years to live down. It’s important to make sure that your children are considering the lifespan of what they share online!

Day 3 of #12daysofonlinesafety

On the 3rd day of the holiday season, prioritise your child’s online safety!
Encourage them to identify their “trusted adults” – reliable individuals they can turn to for support if anything online causes concern or feels overwhelming.

Day 4 of #12daysofonlinesafety

On the 4th day of the season, let’s level up our online safety game with #ParentalControls!
Get acquainted with the built-in parental controls and monitoring tools on your child’s devices.

Day 5 of #12daysofonlinesafety

It’s Day 5 of our online safety journey, and today’s tip is all about mastering #PrivacySettings!
Keep a watchful eye on your child’s social media accounts by regularly reviewing and adjusting privacy settings. Take charge of who gets to see their photos and location.

Day 6 of#12daysofinternetsafety

On the 6th day of Christmas, our #12DaysofOnlineSafety tip is all about setting healthy #ScreenTimeLimits.
Guide your child to understand the importance of taking regular breaks for their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Day 7 of #12daysofinternetsafety

On day 7 of #12DaysofOnlineSafety, we shine a light on age-appropriate content!
Children might overlook games’ age ratings or not even know about them. Assist them in understanding what these ratings mean and why they’re crucial.

Day 8 of #12daysofonlinesafety

On the 8th day of #12DaysofOnlineSafety, let’s unravel the mystery of #IdentifyingAdverts!
Talk to your child about sponsored posts and influencer advertising to foster an appreciation for authenticity; guide them to make wise choices about who they follow online this Christmas.
On the 9th day of #12DaysofOnlineSafety, let’s dive into nurturing a #HealthySelfImage!
Remind children that social media doesn’t always reflect real life: some posts are staged or edited to appear more glamorous. Encourage a balanced perspective this Christmas season.
On the 10th day of #12DaysofOnlineSafety, let’s unwrap the gift of #OpenCommunication!
Embrace the festive spirit by showing genuine interest in your child’s online world, ensuring a jolly and safe internet experience.
On the 11th day of #12DaysofOnlineSafety, let’s reinforce the importance of #PrivacyAndTechSafety!
Encourage children to add a festive touch to their online security by being creative with their passwords.