Reading Awards

Just a quick update about our reading awards. They were starting to feel a little dated and we wanted to give them an uplift to cater for the wishes and needs of all of families. I have created a new ‘Reading Passport’. Each school year, the children will receive a fresh passport to try and fill with reading stamps. They can earn stamps by reading at home and then showing their class teacher their reading record or talking to them about how they read at home. I know some children read with siblings or take it in turns to read to a parent and then listen to their parent read – all beautiful ways to celebrate and promote reading, which we want to recognise! They can also earn stamps by putting in lots of effort with their reading in school, as a reward for reading related work (such as phonics or whole class guided reading), or by being a book ambassador (by loving and caring for all books and being a true book worm!).


We understand that times are tough and juggling everything at home, including finding time to read regularly together, can be tricky. We wanted to give every child in our school family the opportunity to shine with their reading at home, at school or both! We hope that the New Year brings new hope and that our reading passport will be the perfect way to inspire the children to work hard with all aspects of their reading!

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