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Music, Art ,
Drama & Sport

Music, Art, Drama and Sport play a large part in the children's time here at St Augustine's. 

Additional guitar lessons take place on a Tuesday morning after break time with Mr Parkes. The first term from September to Christmas are funded by the school. If the children wish to carry on with the lessons during the spring and Summer terms then there is small charge to the parents. Over previous years the children have enjoyed learning the guitar and have taken part in concerts with other Staffordshire schools. The children are loaned a guitar by the school which they can take home every week to practise with.

Singing is also a big part of our music curriculum with daily singing during worship plus many concerts which the children love to participate in throughout the year. Many of these have been for the parents, guardians and grandparents to also enjoy. These include The Harvest Festival, Carol Singing at Far Filamore Care Home, Light Up And Sing at Christmas, the Easter Bonnet Parade, Mother's Day Service, the School Production of Alice in Wonderland, the Oscars Ceremony and our Afternoon Tea Party to name just a few! The children love these putting on these productions, it really helps our school unite and helps the children's confidence grow. They are always inspiring, a pleasure to watch and be involved with. We are always very grateful to the pupils and staff for all of their hard work and dedication in putting on these productions and are immensely proud to be able to present them to the community.

Drama takes place on a Thursday with our drama teacher Mr Quinn. Every class has a lesson with Mr Quinn and the children flourish under his guidance and expertise. Over the past number of years the pupils and staff have engaged with Mr Quinn of Fired Up Theatre in a number of projects both curriculum and non-curriculum based. Mr Quinn has devised and delivered drama workshops designed to enhance skills in creative writing, confidence building and wellbeing. In addition Mr Quinn contributes towards character and improvisation techniques for the fabulous end of year production. Over the past years our productions of Cinderella Rockerfella, Alice in Wonderland, and Aladdin have been nothing short of spectacular with so many positive comments from the audience. Every child in the school is assigned a part in the play and costumes are made in house, donated or sourced through the school. A real team effort!

Each class takes part in sport every week. We have facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports activities and the curriculum follows gymnastics, multi skills, throwing and catching, ball skills, and athletics, all tailored for the pupils individual development stages.

St Augustine's frequently takes part in multi skilled sports events whereby a mini bus is provided by the school to take individual year groups to sports events in the area. St Augustine's also takes part in six aside football tournaments, football skills events and gymnastic competitions throughout the year.  

St Augustine's also has a variety of after school clubs for the pupils to attend. On a Monday we have a dance club run by Spotlight Dance Academy from 3:15- 4:15pm. On a Thursday we have a football and multi skills club run by Soccerstars UK from 3:15- 4:15pm.

Our annual sports day is a real highlight of the children's year. From running races, obstacle race, space hopper race to name just a few every child gets to get involved and have a go! There is also the 'mums and dads' race which is always very competitive!!