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Spring Term 2 KS2


This half term we have been exploring the Volcanoes through our big question: Where in the World? We focussed on Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, as it linked beautifully to our previous History unit, the Romans. We also continued to read two key texts throughout this half term: Pompeii by Sue Reid and Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit. These stories helped the children apply their historical and now geographical knowledge across the curriculum and continued to provide the children with a ‘lens’ in which to see their knowledge and understanding in a context.

The children created some simply spectacular volcano projects at the start of the unit to really kick-start our learning in Geography and to show off all that they already knew about volcanoes!

The children had the opportunity to create their own salt dough volcanoes and we made them erupt with the age-old method using: bicarbonate of soda, red food colouring and vinegar! They had such an amazing time watching their volcanoes explode!

We started to explore the features of volcanoes and what the terms ‘extinct’, ‘active’ and ‘dormant’ mean. We also planned our own adventure stories inspired by Escape From Pompeii. As we know, the half term was cut short due to the national school closures but the children have continued to showcase their learning through their home-learning tasks online our in their packs!

Spring Term 1

Class 2's wonderful Kenya Projects

Class 3

Spring 1

This half term we have been exploring the Romans through our big question: What have we learnt from the past? The children were truly engrossed in all things Roman and learnt so much (good and bad) about the impact the Romans had on Britain. We read two key texts throughout this half term: Pompeii by Sue Reid and Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit. These stories helped the children apply their historical knowledge across the curriculum (for example in their written work in English) and provided the children with a ‘lens’ in which to see their knowledge and understanding in a context (through a character’s experiences in a story).



The children also made Roman shields as part of their Design and Technology work. They designed, planned, made and evaluated their shields and the results were amazing (and quite terrifying!)...



The children explored the life and adventures of Boudicca and how she was represented (and treated) by different people. It was through this piece of history that we were able to see that different historical sources can paint a picture of a person or figure in different ways. We were also able to understand that although the Romans brought with them many amazing inventions, they were cruel and barbaric to many people and animals (including the use of slaves!).



To top off the excitement, we visited our friends at All Saints, Denstone to meet a Roman soldier! The children had already researched and written persuasive adverts, convincing ordinary people to sign up to the Roman army, so this was a real treat and a fantastic way to put their new knowledge to the test!


Autumn Term 2

Class 1's Fabulous Term

Early Years have been looking at ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. They have read the story, sequenced it and acted it out. They went on a bear hunt outside to retell the story and they spotted a bear! 



To help them with their story language, they had a visit from Zoolabuks, where they went on an animal hunt and spotted lots of creatures along the way. They also painted their own pictures of bears too.



During the festive period, Early Years have had their own ‘Santa’s Workshop’. They have helped write letters to Santa, wrap presents, write tags, sort the post box, read who is on the nice list and help deliver the presents. They loved being Father Christmas and the Elves.



Class 2's Impressive work!

Class 2 have been learning about the hot and cold areas of the world. They know where the equator is and where the poles are. They know about the climate in these areas. Well done Class 2!

We were also visited by Zoolabuks to learn about the animals and insects that live in cold and hot areas of the world. We also learned two songs to help us remember the continents and oceans of the world.

Class 2 have also entered a competition to mark the anniversary of the Fauld Explosion. We wrote poems and made poppies out of four different media.


Class 3's Remarkable Rainforest Work!

This term we have learnt all about the Rainforest through our big question: Where on Earth?! We focussed on South America and the Amazon Rainforest. The children wrote poems to describe the beauty of the forest but also the destruction we cause as human beings. They also presented their very own weather forecasts to provide information on the weather and climate in the South American Rainforests!  

We thought more about climate change and the impact humans are having on the world, but in particular the rainforests, through our Philosophy for Children (P4C) lesson. We read 'The Great Kapok Tree' by Lynne Cheery as a stimulus for our lesson and as a point of discussion. From this, the children thought of some truly remarkable and profound ideas and questions they wanted to explore further, including: What do you want to become of the world? 

The children also created rainforest artwork during one of our topic lessons. The children worked in groups and were assigned a layer of the rainforest (the emergent layer, the canopy, the understorey or the forest floor). They had to use a range of resources and media to create a representation of their layer. When we put the layers together, we had created the rainforest! 

Finally, Zoo Lab UK visited us in school to explore the creatures of the rainforest! The children had the chance to handle a variety of weird and wonderful creatures, including hissing cockroaches, tarantulas and snakes!




Autumn Term 1

Early Year's Super Work.

Early Years have been very busy this term learning about super heroes, people who help us, and Super Tato. They have done lots of writing, arts & crafts and displayed them around the classroom. Great work Early Years!!!



Class 2's fabulous projects.


Class 2 have been learning lots about Christopher Columbus and Ellen MacArthur this term. Class 2 learnt how they navigated the seas, how their journeys were similar and how their journeys differed. They also considered what qualities make a good navigator. Just look at these amazing Christopher Columbus boats that they have made. Fabulous work Class 2!!

Class 2 have also been learning about Purim. Purim is a Jewish festival which celebrates Esthers bravery which leads to the saving of the Jewish race. The children made graggers to shake whenever the evil Haman's name is said. Great fun!!!

Class 2 also made Hamantaschen. Jewish children eat these filled with delicious jam. They are the same shape as Haman's hat.

Class 2 have also been writing about the Diwali story when Rama killed Ravana and he and Sita could return home (See below).


Class 3's Spectacular Work.

Class 3 have been busy exploring the lives and work of two very important Victorian philanthropists: Lord Shaftesbury and Dr Barnardo! We have been looking at these two influential men through the big question: Why do we remember people? 


The children in Years 3 and 4 carried out research into Victorian workhouses as part of their homework. Some of their projects were fantastically presented, including Felicity's poster (shown above). The effort and dedication the children put into their research projects was brilliant to see - they have clearly loved getting their teeth stuck into the Victorian era! 



Class 3 also researched the life and work of Lord Shaftesbury and created a timeline to showcase their new learning and chronological understanding. 



They got creative and put together short plays to show the life of children working in Victorian textile mills. These were ended with a freeze frame to have a lasting impact on the audience. The children could not believe it when they found out that children as young as four used to work for fourteen hours a day in the Victorian textile mills! 



Finally, we put ourselves in the mind of Dr Barnardo and wrote formal letters to wealthy Victorian families, asking for their kind donations to our work (Dr Barnardo opened children's homes in London to house and care for destitute children during the Victorian era). We wanted to persuade people that our homes for children were the safest places to give every destitute child the best possible start in life. From this, we really started to understand the key question (Why do we remember people?) through the impact of Dr Barnardo's work and his lasting legacy: Barnardo's Children's Charity. 




Class 2

With Student teacher Miss Fazal Class 2 learnt about Islam. They tried on Scarves and Taqiyah. They also looked at the Qu'ran and some prayer mats, and learnt about Allah's 99 names. This made us think of other names for God.



Class 3

On the 12th February 2019 Years 3 and 4 from across our federation visited the Manchester Jewish Museum and Synagogue. It was a fantastic day out to celebrate and consolidate the children's learning on the Jewish faith. We had the chance to explore the museum and the special objects and artefacts that are kept there. We also explored the story of Passover and why it is such a special and important celebration for people of the Jewish faith. The children had a wonderful time and loved visiting a new place and meeting new people!