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Learning KS1

Friday 22nd May


Morning everyone. Hope everyone is well. Yesterday I could not check any work on Purple Mash as it wouldn't allow me to open submitted work. It seems to be ok this morning. Fingers crossed!  Spellings have been set on Purple Mash for both year groups. Maths activities below.
We have a birthday in our class next week. I have assigned a 2Do and you could make a picture for this child. Think about what greeting you would like to send. You may even want to think of a short rhyme for the card...I will them display them on the May board.
As ever, do what you can and don't worry. I hope that I will be seeing some of you a week on Monday! I have everything crossed! Mrs R.
Maths Year 1 Click Here.
Maths Year 2 family maths challenge.

Thursday 22nd May 


Hello Class 2! Hope you are all well and enjoyed the sunshine yesterday. I have set spelling work on Purple Mash for both year groups. I have  also set a fun task which involves creating an African pattern. The writing task for today and tomorrow is to write about what you want to do when you grow up and why you want to do it. This has been assigned on Purple Mash but it is also good to do on paper.
For Maths please follow the link below. Also keep those number bonds and times tables ticking over ... if you can.
Remember do what you can and don't worry. Mrs R.
Maths Year 2 lesson 4 Year 2s-please also make sure you practise times tables as this activity is quite easy for you all!

Please also see here for a wonderful story written by our science teacher Miss Langford.


Wednesday 20th May

Hi Class 2. Today is going to be a very hot day. Can you write a list of things you could do today? It may be a real list or a made up list or a combination. Here is my example:
  1. Today I could go to Splash Landings and play in the water and enjoy the outdoor part in the beautiful sunshine.
  2. I might play in the garden and slide quickly into my paddling pool.
  3. It would be a great day to have a delicious picnic. 
  4. I might make a HUGE ice cream sundae with three flavours of ice cream, sprinkles on top and a long squirt of strawberry sauce!
  5. I could go to the boiling beach, play in the hot sand and splash around excitedly in the cool sea.
Make sure each idea on your list starts with a capital letter and that you include adjectives and adverbs.  Year 2s notice I have included a list of items in 4 and 5. Can you add a list of  three things and include the correct punctuation? It would be great to do this list on paper so you can practise your handwriting. Remember all lower case letters start on the line! If you like you can send a picture of your work to Ms Robey to send to me.
Fingers crossed that there is something on your list that you can do today!
Maths is attached below.
There is no spelling work today. Instead please would you draw, paint or colour a sunny summer picture. It might be a picture of some of things you included on your list.
As ever, do what you can and don't worry! Mrs R.


Tuesday 19th May

Morning class 2. Hope you are feeling good today. I have set a writing activity on Purple Mash. It is writing ingredients and instructions for making a witch's potion! I am looking for really gruesome ingredients and what your spell is is for. There is an example set of instructions and also a sheet to write on. You can do this online if you wish or writing on paper is fine too. English spelling is assigned on Purple Mash too. The link for today's Maths is below. Remember to keep practising those number bonds and times tables- please if you can.
Many thanks for all your help. Remember do what you can but don't worry! Mrs R.

Monday 18th May


Morning everyone! Happy Monday! The Maths is set as usual on White Rose. I had some super photos of the toy race set last week. Thank you for all your help with this! Some children in year 2 had had a go at the family challenge-thank you again for helping with this. Keep practising those numbers bonds too. These are on Purple Mash and/or on 'Hit the Button' on the Topmarks website. These are really useful things to keep practising until we go back to school. For the Year 2s, the maths activity on White Rose today is quite easy so please practise times tables. If you are finding the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables too easy, then work on the 4 and 6 times tables.
 Year 1s we are moving onto spellings on Purple Mash. Remember you can choose yourself to have more work on phonics on Purple Mash. Phase 5 would be good to go over again. Year 2s also have spelling work set on Purple Mash.
If you are looking for something more creative why not try a lockdown poem? This is an example of one posted on the Purple Mash Twitter account. It  could be a whole family effort!
Remember there are also lots of practical ideas on the topic bit of the school website.
Remember do what you can and don't worry. Mrs R.
Lockdown poem

Friday 15th May

Hi everyone. The end of another week. Thank you for all the lovely things you have sent to share with me this week. I have had some fantastic work sent in response to the video 'Catch It'. Today the children can finish off their storyboards and illustrations and have a go at some of the other practical activities suggested. The children could make a cover for their story. Don't forget to include the title, the author, and the illustrator. Perhaps you could also make a back cover with a blurb?
Remember there are lots of practical tasks to try on the topic sheet that is on the website. 
Year 2s have Friday's Maths challenge on the link below. You can also play 'Hit the button' on the Topmarks website. If you are finding the 3 times tables too easy, then have a go next at the 4 times table and 6 times table. Think about how they link to the 2 times table and 3 times table...
Year 1s I would like you to do something different for Maths today. Here are the instructions:
Choose 10 of your cuddly toys that you would like to see in race. Decide which toy would win the race, then who would come next and so on until 10th place. Make your cuddly toys some rosettes (or badges) to show which position they came in. These are the rosettes/badges that you will need to put on the toys: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc up to 10th place. Sellotape them on your toys and send me a photo of you and the racers with their badges on. That's it! Hope you enjoy this task!  You may have a brother or sister who might enjoy this activity with you so hope you have fun trying it out!
Have lovely weekends. Remember do what you can and don't worry. Mrs R.
Challenge 5 Filip has these five digit cards. He uses all of the cards to make a three-digit number and a two-digit number. He multiplies the two numbers together and the answer is 15,741

  Questions 1, 2 and 3 are most  suitable for Year 2s and they may need a bit of help here too, particularly with number 3.


Thursday 14th May


Morning class 2! Hope you are feeling good today. I have attached the Maths lesson for today. Also have another go on' Hit the button' if you get chance.
There is something a little different today for you try. There is a short video for you to watch. It is called 'Catch It'. It is lovely and you will all enjoy it!  I liked it as it made me think of all our lovely work on Africa. After you have watched it, can you make a storyboard of 6 pictures that make up the story? Year 1s can write a sentence (or more!) to go with each picture and Year 2s write your own version of this story. Year 2s try  to add lots of detail to your writing.  You could do this on paper or on Purple Mash. This will be the activity for today and tomorrow so you lots of time to do it.  The link to the video is below. There are also some great fun and practical activities that go with the video. You could have a go at some of these. You can access the clip form the website link and watch it on You Tube and then then the activity pack is downloadable ('KS 1 activity pack')
Hope this is all ok. Please send any photos of what you have done to Ms Robey. I love seeing what you are all doing!
Do what you can and don't worry!  Mrs R.
'Catch It' link:


Wednesday 13th May

Morning all! Hope we are all feeling good today. I have set the Maths work as usual and the Bitesize activity. I have also assigned phonic work to the Year 1s and spelling work to the Year 2s.
 As today is national Numeracy Day, I would like the children to play some games. 'Hit the button' on the Topmarks website is great for practising number bonds and times tables. Year 1s can work on bonds to 10 and 20 and Year 2s can select times tables to practise.  I have added the link to the Topmarks website below. 
If you have not got internet access then board games, dominoes or card games are great Maths practice too.On the Maths page of the school website there is a section about the games that you could play. See the link below.
A lot of children have been busy making bug hotels. I have had some lovely photos sent to me about how you have made them. Try the 'living and not living' quiz on the Purple Mash website. This has been allocated as a 2Do. 
Remember to do what you can and don't worry! Many thanks. Stay safe. Mrs R.



Tuesday 12th May

Morning! Hope everyone is feeling good. There are some lovely messages being sent for other children on our 'shout out' board so please have a look! I have allocated phonic work for Year 1s on Purple Mash and spelling for Year 2s. The Florence Nightingale activity is also on Purple Mash. Some children have made a really good start on this. It is great to see them putting themselves in Florence Nightingale's shoes.  If you prefer to do work on paper that is fine too! Ms Robey sends pictures of the children's work to me. The link for today's maths is below and the activity is on the link to Bitesize. Do what you can and don't worry. Hope that is all ok. Mrs R.


Monday 11th May


Hi everyone. Hope you enjoyed the weekend and the VE Day celebrations. Thank you to everyone who sent a message to our 'shout out' board. It was lovely to hear from you! 

I have set phonics for Year 1 on Purple Mash. Year 2 have a spelling activity set.  The Maths lesson link is below and the worksheets for this lesson are on the Bitesize website which link from the activity. 
There are a range of activities on Purple Mash to do with Florence Nightingale as it is the anniversary of her birth tomorrow. You could try the interview activity. As this may be a longer task this will be the work for today and tomorrow.
Remember do what you can and don't worry. Many thanks. Mrs R.


Florence Nightingale link (already set as a 2Do)



Thursday 7th May


Hi everyone. Hope everyone is feeling ok. I am getting lots of work on Purple Mash so thank you very much for that. I am also getting some lovely messages. I think we are all missing school and each other a lot now. Because of this, I have created a 'shout out' board for our class on Purple Mash. You can send pictures and messages to the children in the class for us all to share. You can update everyone with what you have been doing. This is the writing task for today. I have set this as a 2Do.
I have attached today's Maths lesson as well. Also keep on practising adding within 20. 
Remember do what you can and don't worry about what you can't. There will be no work set tomorrow as it is VE Day. Take care and stay safe. Mrs R.


Wednesday 6th May

HI everyone. Hope all is ok with everyone. I have set today's Maths lessons and link is attached. Also remember to keep practising those numbers bonds to 10 and to 20.  Friday is VE Day and normally in school we would be building up to this. Please have a conversation about why this is an important date. I have provided a link to make some VE day bunting. You can just cut out paper and do this if you want to and then put it up ready for Friday. I have also set a 2Do of the Union flag if you wish to do it. Hope that is all ok. Remember do what you can and don't worry. Any problems please message Ms Robey. Many thanks. Mrs R.


VE Day


Tuesday 5th May


Hi everyone. Hope you are all is ok. Please remember to have another go at adding within 10 and 20. You can do this on Purple Mash or I have added some worksheets at the bottom of this message-as some people have asked for these. Do what you can- I appreciate it is very hard at the moment. I have also put a link to today's Maths lessons below.
I have set some phonic work for the Year 1 and grammar work for Year 2 on Purple Mash. 
Any problems with anything please let Ms Robey know. Keep up all your hard work and keep smiling! Mrs R.
Friday Funday 1st May 2020
Class 1
Class 2
We're looking for students to design a banner which thanks and shows support to the NHS and key workers, for their dedication and hard work during this pandemic. 

We'll pick 5 winners, who will have their artwork recreated by our talented designers and printed on to a big 3x1m banner for you to proudly attach to your school gates! 

To enter, your students simply need to take a photograph of their completed worksheet and email it to alongside their full name, age and details of their school. 


The closing date is Friday 8th May at 5pm! Winners will be announced on Monday 11th May!
For more information, please visit our website and follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.



Play this game with a partner. You will need a coloured pencil each and two dice. Take turns to roll the dice and use the scores to make a 2 digit number. You can decide which order to use the digits, e.g. if you throw a 2 and a 5 you can choose 25 or 52. What number do you need to add to make 100? Colour this number on the 100 square. If this number is already coloured, miss a go. Who has the most coloured squares at the end?