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Home learning
Early Years


W/C 6th July Whole School Project

Butterfly Painting

Decorate a Tree

How to Draw

Origami Frog Hopper

Butterfly Symmetry

Life Cycle

Phase 3 Dice

Phase 4 Game



Silly Soup


W/C 29th June Whole School Project


Farm Caption

Ispy Phase 4

Old McDonald Puppets

Phase 3 Farm Labelling

Subtraction Numberline

Farm Label Initial Sounds


Old McDonald Puppets

Pencil Control


W/C 22nd June Whole School Project 

W/C 29th June Children t Home

W/C 22nd June Children at Home

Handwriting Practice

Phase 4 Tricky Words

Phase 4 Phonics

Number Bonds


W/C 15th June Whole School Project


W/C 15th June Children at Home

Phase 4 Words

My Alien

Space Addition & Subtraction

My Alien

Space Addition


Week Commencing 8th June Home Learning Whole School.

Week Commencing 8th June Reception Children at Home

Dinosoar Description

Magic a-e

Phase 3 Words

Week Commencing 8th June Nursery Children at Home

Dinosaur Colouring Label

Good Listening Ears

Week 2 CVC


Week Commencing 1st June Nursery Children at Home

Week Commencing 1st June Reception Children at Home

Here are some extra online resources that are currently free to sign up to:


  • - This is the reading scheme we predominantly use in school (Oxford Reading Tree). You can sign up for free and have access to some of the books we would have in school as an eBook! It isn’t all of the books unfortunately, as you would need a subscription but ORT have said that while schools are closed to some children, they are making more eBooks available. You just have to filter the collection by looking at the ‘Levels’ filter and selecting ‘Book Bands’ – it will drop down a menu with all of the book band colours we have in school. Find you child’s band colour and browse the eBooks they have available. There are also other eBooks available on there from ORT – filtered by age. Please be aware though - you do have to purchase some of the wider collection – just use the free selection if you wish.
  • - This is a kids version of a teacher resource site. They have interactive games and activities for SPaG, Reading and Maths – all for free while they are testing their new site as a BETA. Please feel free to sign up while it is available for free. On here, you need to find your child’s year group at the top. The drop down menus allow you to search for games within their year group to support learning you have done at home. The reading area is interesting – they have created reading comprehension activities for texts pitched at their year group – these may be worth giving a try to support reading at home too.


I am trying to source reading resources in particular, as we cannot allow reading books to be shared/swapped within school, according to government guidance. I do hope that these websites offer some support and ideas to help reading at home while we are away from school. Again, all of this is completely optional. I am simply providing as many resources as I can find that are of good quality to support those families who wish to use them.


Thank you!

Mrs Gilmour.


Reception Children That Are Still At Home

Please see your links here:

Addition to 20

Phonics 1

Phonics 2

Owl Baby Speech Bubble

Please see here for a wonderful story written by our science teacher Miss Langford. I have put a link for Early Years to have Miss Langford read her wonderful story here!
We're looking for students to design a banner which thanks and shows support to the NHS and key workers, for their dedication and hard work during this pandemic. 

We'll pick 5 winners, who will have their artwork recreated by our talented designers and printed on to a big 3x1m banner for you to proudly attach to your school gates! 

To enter, your students simply need to take a photograph of their completed worksheet and email it to alongside their full name, age and details of their school. 


The closing date is Friday 8th May at 5pm! Winners will be announced on Monday 11th May!
For more information, please visit our website and follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.