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Careers Talks

We are passionate about adding enrichment opportunities for all our pupils as part of our inspiring curriculum. Alongside our '50 things', we are having careers days throughout the academic year. We feel these help broaden the children’s horizons, skills and thoughts about the future. We have already welcomed two visitors into school to talk about their current and past careers.

The children have met Keith Hollins our very own CEO of SUAT and Mr Rukas who is on our Local Academy Council and also a nurse. We have a police officer, paramedic, a banker, vet and three chaps from a local manufacturing business that are already booked for this term.

Police Careers Talk

Today (20th January), we have had a careers talk from our very own PC Amanda Hales! As you you can see the children really enjoyed the experience and asked many interesting questions! Mrs Hales has agreed to come back in the summer and bring a police car so the children can learn more about what it is the police do.

Following on from our talk last year about stranger danger, Early Years were extremely confident about what to do if they became lost! Well done Early Years! This also linked in fabulously with Early Years topic last year of 'People Who Help Us'.

I think we may have a few budding policemen and ladies among us after today!