Remote Worship

During 2020-21 we have enjoyed having worship remotely, and have loved watching Jordan’s videos.

Class 3 pinned this lovely prayer calendar up in the classroom (on our core values and prayer board), and explained to the children that during their daily prayer or quiet time, if they want to, they can take a look at the calendar and see which country name has been given for today. There is one country for each day of the month. Each country is a place where Feed the Hungry has provided aid. We spoke about the work we did with them before the pandemic and why it is such an important and worthwhile cause.

The children often take a look at which country could be in our thoughts today. There are often surprised that some richer countries, such as the UK, are also helped by Feed the Hungry!

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Worship Team

One of our great achievements is our Worship Team, this is a specially selected group of children who take note of the core values in the school, nurture them and encourage them to flourish among the pupils. They hold regular meetings to update staff with the progress and give a fabulous insight to the view points of the children of St Augustine’s.

Years 3 and 4 lead the worship on a regular basis and use the church lectionary as their theme in the Christian year. They present a worship for the whole school which is often insightful and interesting for both the staff and pupils!

Our Year 4 Worship Team had a visit to Denstone Church on January 11th, to join the worship teams from All Saints Denstone and St Peters Alton for a spiritual ambassador and worship leader training day. Read more about some of the things they did here.




Some words from our Guest Worship Leader

How I see Christianity manifested at St Augustine’s

The worship area is an important part of the main hall, dominated by a symbolic dove hanging over the area, a tree to display pupil’s thoughts, a display area for pupil led worship and prayer box for prayer requests on the worship table.
This is alongside a stunning cross on the outside of the building and a beautifully made cross made of crosses in the foyer. I am aware of quiet areas in the classroom and a quiet area outside.
The children are hugely enthusiastic to take part in worship, always ready with responses to questions, offering their own thoughts and ideas, and happily  participating in impromptu drama.
As I wait to lead worship I am like a fly on the wall privy to many conversations, teacher/parent, staff/pupil, teacher/pupil, school manager/catering staff/teaching assistant and always there is a courteous attitude everyone is heard, valued and cared for.
I never fail to be humbled by responses from pupils by their grasp of basic Christian beliefs e.g. by the existence of Jesus Christ in our hearts. They may question this as they grow older but that essential seed of faith has been sown at St Augustine’s.

Celia Ryan, Guest Worship Leader
Retired Teacher from St Augustine’s

Black History Month Collective Worship

Our 2021 Harvest Festival

Our 2020 Harvest Videos

As part of our ongoing work on famous Christians, the children were involved in a drama based on a false view of Year 4s being rubbish. Children could see Mrs Roche was being unfair with the Year 4s. Mrs Roche had spoken with the year 4s prior to the worship to warn them about what she was going to do! After she had been mean and dismissive of the Year 4s the link was made to Rosa Parks. The bus scene was acted out. The children understood this was unfair and Mrs Roche introduced the word ‘discrimination’. The children thought of how they should act towards others.

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SUAT supports and leads in the set-up of new academies joining the partnership. The services provided by the central support function cover both educational and non-educational support. In terms of educational support, SUAT is linked to the School of Education of Staffordshire University, which is an outstanding ITT provider.