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Supporting Charities

The Food Bank 2019

The children attended Harvest Festival this September and donated lots of food items for the Soup Kitchen in Burton. We have received two lovely letters thanking the school for their generous donations. More information about the service on our What we have been doing page.


The Food Bank 2018

The children chose to support the local food bank for the entire year of 2018. Each month a parcel was delivered. This started as a donation at Christmas and then in response to the local food bank saying that everyone gives at Christmas and not for the rest of the year. From feedback from the food bank we sent out items they requested. The children were shocked to find out that the food bank needed not only donations of food, but other sanitary items such as toilet roll. The School Council wrote a letter to the parents asking for items.

A lovely letter from the food bank thanking us for the items.


Uttoxeter Cares

In 2019 we have decided to support another charity for the whole of 2019. We are supporting the work of a local charity 'Uttoxeter Cares'. We are planning events and actions to support the lonely. We have sent Christmas cards, Valentine's Day artwork and have arranged an afternoon tea for the elderly and lonely. We are working towards a target of 10 'Acts of Kindness 'and we receive a certificate for each achievement. We had a lovely card from some of the recipients of the Christmas cards we sent.

A small selection of our Valentines cards, book marks and decorations for the Uttoxeter Cares Charity.

Uttoxeter Cares is an innovative project started in September 2015 as a partnership between St Giles Hospice, Katharine House Hospice and the Hermitage Charitable Trust. Since opening in September 2015, they have been working with our community to find out what issues are relevant to them and we have been actively working to address these. 

Driven by community discussions they have been building an extensive support program for our community, working with local partners.  They offer key hospice services such as lymphoedema clinic, bereavement support and a complementary therapy service so that people do not have to travel for these services. They also provide our space to other organisations including MS Society, Age UK, Balance Street Health Centre and SOBS (Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide) so that they can deliver their services locally. They are committed to strengthening social connections and reducing social isolation by bringing people together for community meals and social groups and other activities.

The staff of St Augustine's have benefited from the links with St Giles Hospice by participating in some bereavement counseling. We found this incredibly useful for helping the children in deal with grief and to use alongside our core values, mindfulness, prayer and beliefs to provide coping strategies for the children.


Feed the Hungry

We are also supporting Feed the Hungry, a Christian based charity, which helps support children in the poorest areas of the world by sending food packages. The children at St Augustine's worked incredibly hard alongside the Saints Academies family to achieve a target of £260 to fund one thousand meal packages to be sent to Kenya. The children in Worship group and our School Council held an Easter Hat parade, a Bring and Buy sale and a sports afternoon to raise our target. We were lucky enough to help parcel the packages and received a letter thanking us for what we had achieved.

Some fabulous Easter Hats!!

Our Bring and Buy Sale.


We recently received a lovely certificate and email from the charity explaining where our donations have reached and the true scale of the project! We were all very impressed and so pleased to be a part of it.




Please click here to find out more about where our donations are going to be received.

We have decided to support this charity further with Kindness parcels in September.