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Prayer Tree


At the very front of the school hall next to our worship table sits our prayer tree. It is not only a literal focal point for our school but also metaphorically, it provides a reflective space to encourage calming thoughts and quiet time with God. Throughout religious festival of the church we decorate the tree with prayers, Biblical verses, poems and art which the children have made in order to celebrate their achievements and to give thanks to God. The tree was decorated by the children and the children take great pride in it and pleasure in seeing their work displayed on it.

Our prayer tree during Valentines Day depicting the Christian feelings of love and one of our core values.


Our prayer tree with our advent calenders on it. Class 2 used CDs to decorate with message about their feelings towards the coming of Jesus.

Our prayer tree during Remembrance Day.

Reflection areas

At St Augustine's we have many reflection areas in the classrooms, outside in the prayer area, in the teepee and under the prayer tree in the hall. We believe these quiet areas for the children give them time to reflect and explore their thoughts.  As a church school community we are responsible for providing the setting, the opportunity and the example for everyone to reflect.

Our Teepee for quiet reflection.

Our Outdoor Worship Area