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Every school day has a Collective Worship, this involves both pupil led worship and adult led worship. We have visits from our local church leaders and clergy from our local churches to enrich our worship experience and broaden our learning experience within the community.

Our Collective Worship takes many forms and can include Bible readings, parables, quiet reflection and prayer time. We also have our celebratory worship on a Friday. This is an integral part of instilling our Christian Values of Love, Friendship and Hope. Every week we choose a child from the school who has shown one of our three core values and celebrate their achievements with a certificate and photograph to be hung on our prayer tree.

One of our great achievements is our Worship Team, this is a specially selected group of children who take note of the core values in the school, nurture them and encourage them to flourish among the pupils. They hold regular meetings to update staff with the progress and give a fabulous insight to the view points of the children of St Augustine's.

Years 3 and 4 lead the worship on a regular basis and use the church lectionary as their theme in the Christian year. They present a worship for the whole school which is often insightful and interesting for both the staff and pupils!

Some words from our Guest Worship Leader


How I see Christianity manifested at St Augustine’s



Some Examples of Our Worship...

As part of our ongoing work on famous Christians, the children were involved in a drama based on a false view of Year 4s being rubbish. Children could see Mrs Roche was being unfair with the Year 4s. Mrs Roche had spoken with the year 4s prior to the worship to warn them about what she was going to do! After she had been mean and dismissive of the Year 4s the link was made to Rosa Parks. The bus scene was acted out. The children understood this was unfair and Mrs Roche introduced the word 'discrimination'. The children thought of how they should act towards others.


7th November 2019

Rev Les Rees came in this morning to take worship. He taught the children about the Eucharist.


St Werburgh's Hanbury

We recently attended an open door event at St Werburgh's Hanbury. The children decorated a cross donated by a local business, sang Evensong as the choir, and made their own individual crosses. The large cross was decorated with the hand prints of the children and painted by the children. The smaller crosses were put together to make a larger one. We believe this symbolised the joining of many individuals in our school family to make a beautiful unit. This is hanging in our entrance hall with our larger cross displayed outside!




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