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Life at
St Augustine's

Black History Month

As part of black history month our pupils enjoyed a collective worship about Rosa Parks. A part of this can be shown below.

Rosa Parks features on our timeline in the hall as part of our 'Why do we remember people' topic.

Harvest Celebration 2021


Certificate winners 17th September

Certificate winners 10th September 2021

Oscars 2021


English Award

Reading Award

Mathematics Award

Science Award

History & Geography Award

Art & Drama Award

PE Award

Mindfulness Award

Ambassador Award

Britishness Award

Christian Values Award

Songs & Outtakes


Year 4 Leavers Service


Year 4 Residential at Whitemoor Lakes


Friday Certificate Winner

Our certificate winner this week was from Class 2. During our isolation week he had made an incredible clock as part of his maths home learning! We were super impressed!! Well done Jesse!!



Our Reading Award Winners

Sticker Awards

Bookmark Awards

Book Award Winners




Certificate Winners in Worship Today!

Certificate Winners in Worship Today!


Our New History Timeline!


Easter Egg Hunt & Celebration Worship

Well done to our certificate winners this week!

We hope you've enjoyed the last week and our wonderful happy mind happy me activities!

A massive thank you to our wonderful PTA for the donation of the Easter Eggs which the children took home, School Council who ran the Easter Egg hunt & provided the eggs, and The Methodist Church for the donation of their wonderful eggs also! That's a massive amount of chocolate for our lucky pupils!

Happy Easter, from everyone at St Augustine's!

Our New School Council Team 2021


Day of Reflection 23rd March 2021

We stood in class bubbles for some quiet reflection time at 12pm today.

Mothers Day Poems KS1

Our Celebration Worship 12th March 2021

Our Certificate Winners for this week! Well done everyone!

Mothers Day Class 3

What a busy week back! It has been so wonderful to see all of the children back in Class 3, learning and playing together, just as it should be! We have been so busy reading and going over a few things with Miss Cashmore, ready for next week, but we didn't forget it is Mother's Day on Sunday! Usually, we'd hold an amazing service in church or school and share the special time with all of the fantastic women in our lives together, but unfortunately this year we can't. Instead, we got creative and made some beautiful hand-made cards, painted and written by each of us in Class 3 to give to our lovely mums at the weekend. We each wrote a personal message inside our cards, as to why we love our mums so much and why they are so special and important to us! Here we all are looking very proud of our creations... 

World Maths Day 2021 Class 1 Early Years

World Book Day 2021

World Maths Day- Class 3

We all came dressed up today in something that represents maths - that could be number, shape, space, measure, statistics and so on! The children all looked fantastic and came ready to share why they had chosen the clothes that they had. In Class 3, we had a jumper full of hexagons, a number on a football shirt, parallel lines and even a handmade necklace to represent a repeating pattern! It was so lovely to see the children who are currently at home too - they too had found something mathematical to wear and it was amazing to see and chat to them this morning on Teams! 


For our extra maths activities, Miss Cashmore sent home a pack of puzzles, including: a Sudoku number puzzle, a shape Sudoku and an Emoji crack the code quiz! At school, we went outside and gathered objects from around the school grounds. We then categorised them, ready to collate the data. We represented how many of each item we had in our categories and presented it on a giant bar chart on the playground and used metre sticks instead of our usual rulers to draw accurate bars! We had an amazing time! 

World Book Day 2021

This year due to some children being at home for World Book Day, our teachers have recorded some videos to share of their favourite stories! We start off with Miss Cashmore, Miss Machin and Miss Jane. We hope you enjoy them.


Science Week 2021

Class 3's Lovely Calendar

Class 3 pinned it up in the classroom (on our core values and prayer board), and explained to the children that during their daily prayer or quiet time, if they want to, they can take a look at the calendar and see which country name has been given for today. There is one country for each day of the month. Each country is a place where Feed the Hungry has provided aid. We spoke about the work we did with them before the pandemic and why it is such an important and worthwhile cause. 

The children often take a look at which country could be in our thoughts today. There are often surprised that some richer countries, such as the UK, are also helped by Feed the Hungry! 


Our Remote Worship this Morning.



Class 3's Remote Music Lesson

Remote Worship with Jordan


Our Nativity 2020!!


Our visit from a mystery guest!!


Hello All,


What an afternoon we have had. I was busy working away in my office doing important Headteacher stuff when I heard the sound of bells outside…. I went to the door and who should be there but Santa Claus himself! He left three sacks of presents and then had to dash off… it’s a busy time of year he said.


From us all at St Augustine’s, have a wonderful, happy Christmas!

Christmas Party on the Last Day!!

Certificate Winners Last Week before Christmas!

Christmas Hamper

Dear All,


I has been a difficult few weeks for us all but we are very much looking forward to having all our pupils and staff back in school on Friday 11th! We hope you enjoyed our singing last week! The staff and I felt we wanted to acknowledge how fab all our parents are by creating a hamper that we are going to raffle off next week. Each member of staff has contributed a little something to create this amazing gift! We will be giving each family a raffle ticket and will draw the winner on Thursday 17th December. The tickets will be given to the children on Wednesday 16th. Good luck everyone!


Elf Day

Whole School Elf Activities

Class 2 Relax Kids

The children share their own ideas for practising breathing slowly and rhythmically. We explored different types of massage- like drumming, bouncing and sprinkling. We read the Colour Monster book and explored ideas for matching colours to feelings. Green was happy and yellow was calm. We pretended to act out these feelings. We were great at this!

Friday Certificates

Some of the Year 4's nominated Mrs Jane our wonderful cook for our Christian values award this week for always being incredibly kind! She was thrilled!

 Passport Achievement Certificates


Gold Book Winners


Our Christian Values Certificate Winner.

Class 2 Working Hard This Week!

Class 1 Working Hard with Phonics & Numbers!

Odd Sock Day (For anti- bullying)

Friday's Certificate Winners (Outdoor Worship)

Class 1's Big Outside Tidy

Class 2 Children in Need & Science Blubber Experiment.


Class 2 Children in Need

Remembrance Day Silence

Class 3 Egyptian Tomato Mummification!!


Maths Day November 9th 2020



Our 2020 Harvest Videos

Please click on each class to view the videos:

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3